About Us

Crypto Wealth is not linked to any Company and has no directors or shareholders. Crypto Wealth is merely a system developed for people and will be run by the people. People from all over the world will donate bitcoins to each other and help each other to financial freedom. Ordinary people have been chosen to help and train others to go out and do the same. Crypto Wealth Hubs will be established throughout the countries by the people and through which people can be helped.

Crypto Wealth is a people helping people business. In all that is done it will be seen that people are helping people. A community of people who really care from all over the world will be created through Crypto Wealth.

Crypto Wealth will also link its members to a second plan, FGxpress. FGxpress, as well as a third plan Appitravels. These plans were chosen because of its wonderful products and compensation plans. Crypto Wealth is in no way linked to FGxpress or Appitravels other than Crypto Wealth promoting these companies and their products. In no way will Crypto Wealth alter anything in the FGxpress and Appitravels plans.

Crypto Wealth will be implementing many world firsts. One of these world firsts being that there will be no bottom line with people not receiving donations. After the implementation of the Universal Rotation Plan, all members joining will receive donations within a few days.

All members who will join Crypto Wealth will spill over into the team and filling spaces from left to right. This is to give the complete plan a good and solid start. There will come a time when the automatic spill over will be only applicable to those members who do not have a referral code. All members joining from that chosen moment will be then responsible to invite their own four members who will then be placed into their personal teams.

Crypto Wealth allows 3 position per member. Members in all countries, excluding South Africa, will use Passport Numbers to register. South African members will use their National ID to register. Regular spot checks will be done and any member found to have breached this rule will lose their positions without any questions asked or answers given.


All people who wish to participate in the Donation Plan are requested to click on the following Spectrocoin Crypto Wealth Office Referral link and open a Bitcoin Wallet. This is free of charge.

we urge all members to also go to the following addresses and setup Bitcoin Wallets…

To make the first donation you need 0.045 Bitcoins. Remember that there are very small costs involved to transfer bitcoins from Wallet to Wallet. Make sure that you external Spectrocoin Wallet is funded with this