Plan 2


Please make sure that you have updated the section in your Crypto wealth back office where details are asked. And office has been established from where all the FGxpress registrations will be done on your and other members behalf.

After you have been registered, your details will be sent to you. You then need to order your Payoneer USD Debit card from your FGxpress back office.

The people who fell into your network in Crypto Wealth will be placed into your FGxpress team. If those who fell in under you were under 10, then the system will allocate other members to your FGxpress team.

You are allowed 3 positions in Crypto Wealth. Under each there will be 4 who fell into your first line. In FGxpress you will only have one position and need 12 personals to go to ALL STAR (8 Star). The 12 members on the first level of your 3 Crypto Wealth positions will be placed under your one position in FGxpress.

Please click on the link below to see the FGxpress website and business.